Lawrence Arnold Photography

My original web gallery, created in 2001, can be found here. Some of the old links are broken, for example Joel Meyerowitz's Tuscany Workshop web site no longer exists, but all the images and commentary are intact.

A year or so ago I published privately a retrospective collection of photographs, entitled Looking Back... A Portfolio. A PDF version of that book is available here. At slightly over 23 MB it downloads quickly on a broadband connection. From the introduction: "Sixty-three years making photographs, thirty-seven years taking photographs seriously, if ineptly, as an art form. The earliest image reproduced here was made in July 1971; the most recent in July 2008."

At the end of 2011, I published a second book, In The Land of Nod, 76 pages, 64 images, a collection of photographs I had made at Weir Farm National Historical Site over the previous ten years. A PDF version of In The Land of Nod (41 MB) can be downloaded here.