John Meyer's Updated Deshaker Script for Vegas


John has kindly allowed me to post his updated script here. John's accompanying comments are reproduced below. The original forum thread can be found here.

"You are welcome to post it permanently somewhere and to provide a link in the forums to your permanent location."

"... I have been thinking about enhancing the script to let it read the settings file created within VirtualDub. This would let you create new settings for Deshaker, change the video codec used by VirtualDub, etc. and then have the script in Vegas use those settings automatically. It would make it a little more interactive than it is right now. I briefly tried putting the Deshaker dialog inside of the Vegas script (I actually prototyped it and it looks just like the original), but realized that it wouldn't let you quickly iterate through a series of settings and see the results, so the exercise was pointless.

So, if anyone is interested in a way to read the VirtualDub settings file so they don't have to edit the Vegas "js" script in order to make changes, just let me know.

John Meyer"